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n China on ▓Monday.The ▓zodiac stamps of t▓he upcoming Chinese Lunar Year ▓of the Pig contain two items. ▓The first item▓ depicts a pig runn▓ing towards a bet▓ter life, w▓hile the second shows a five-memb▓er pig family living happily.The stamps will

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be published on J▓an. 5 of 201▓9, accordin▓g to the website of the China National Philatelic Corpor▓ation (CNPC).Ha▓n Meilin, the 82-year-old designer of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games mascot "Fuwa" and the

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zodiac stamps ▓of Chinese Lunar Year of the Ro▓oster in 2017, also▓ came back to design this year's ▓stamp.In 1980, th▓e Year of the Monkey, China issued its first ▓official zodiac sta▓mp. Three years later in 198

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3, Han designed his first stamp for the Year of the Pig.This is th▓e fourth cycle of zodiac stamps with the theme "happy family."Since its inception in the 1980s, around 30 artists▓ have worked▓ to design

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the ▓official stamps, with some like Ha▓n having the honor of designing multip▓le years.Please scan the QR Code to follow ▓us on Instag▓ramPlease scan ▓the QR Code to foll▓ow us on WechatPersistent ▓pig still ins

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▓survived for 36 days trapped under the rubble of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake."She's ▓amazing!" the excited 54-year-ol▓d exclaimed as he stared at the animal i▓n her enclosure at the private J▓ianchuan Museum i▓n Chengdu, Sic

huan ▓province."Her survival made her a superstar

. And she real▓ly deserves the honor," he sa▓id, adding that ▓he had traveled from Deyan▓g, a city abou▓t 50 kilometers awa▓y, to commemorate the 10th anniversary o▓f the disaster